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Effective January 4, 2021, all Series GPx Electric Fire Pump Controllers manufactured at Tornatech Inc (Laval, Canada) will be equipped with Schneider brand power components (i.e.: isolating switch, circuit breaker and motor contactors). These Schneider components bring forth the following changes.

1. Dimensional Changes

Reduction of enclosure size all models 220V-240V/3ph/60hz @ 75HP and 575V-600V/3ph/60hz @200HP.

2. Changes to the terminal (lug) sizing for the isolating switch (incoming power) and motor connection (contactor).

As part of the technical data found in submittal packages, drawing number GPX-TD601 is replaced by drawing GPX-TD611 and drawing GPX-TD602 is replaced by drawing GPX-TD612. Important note: If aluminium conductors are to be used for connecting the fire pump controller to the fire pump’s electric motor, certain voltage/horsepower selections will require an optional (not supplied as standard) adapter terminal (lug) kit. Those selections are clearly marked with a double asterix (**) and the option required is mentioned.

3. Soft-start device

Depending on voltage and horsepower, Models GPS and GPS+GPU fire pump controllers will be equipped with the following brand start starters.

Our submittal drawing packages found on our website have been updated with the all changes mentioned above.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at salesna@tornatech.com

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