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New Product From Lochinvar: The Knight XL Commerical Boiler

KNIGHT XL® Commercial Boiler

As dependable as ever, the KNIGHT XL takes on a new look – refined and on-line. Now offered with inputs of 400,000, 500,000, 650,000, 800,000 plus 1 powerful addition, the 1 million Btu/hr model.

  • 97% Thermal Efficiency With advanced Neg/Reg technology, stainless steel heat exchanger and fully modulating burner, KNIGHT XL reaches a new high water mark.

  • Smart Touch™ Control Making set-up and service easier than ever, the LED touchscreen guides users through boiler navigation.

  • Access to Connections Utility connections are located on the back of the unit making single or multiple unit installations a snap.

  • Control from Anywhere Knight XL offers remote connectivity platform, CON-X-US®, as a standard feature. Diagnose or alter settings from anywhere.


With 150 feet of available vent runs for the exhaust and air intake, challenging retrofits just got a little more accommodating with the KNIGHT XL. This powerhouse is also capable of common venting.


From wherever you are, the CON·X·US option lets you use any Internet-capable device to link up with any SMART SYSTEM branded control on an unlimited number of applicable units. With CON·X·US, you’re always in touch and in control. Do regular CON·X·US checks for all your customers, and let them know you’re monitoring their unit’s performance.

  • Adjust set points, domestic hot water, reset curves, pump delays and more, using the CON·X·US interactive display.

  • Status alerts via text or e-mail let you know when equipment needs attention.


With years of proven experience , the Knight XL expands on its already tried and true feature set. Making hard work look easy, this commercial boiler steps out front. Available in five models ranging from 399,000 to 999,000Btu/hr, the advanced units feature 97% thermal efficiency and 10:1 turn down.

  • 7” TOUCH SCREEN WITH BUILT-IN CON·X·US: Provides a better end user experience allowing parameters to be adjusted with minimal effort and provide access to the remote connectivity when required for the installation.

  • STAINLESS STEEL WATER TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER: Enhanced design provides a 3% increase in thermal efficiency over previous KNIGHT XL design, lowering operating cost and boiler emissions.

  • 10:1 MODULATION TURN DOWN: The KBX1000 has an operating range from 999,000 BTU/HR input all the way down to 99,000 BTU/HR input matching the majority of commercial heating load requirements, eliminating short cycling of the heating system.

  • COMBUSTION AIR FILTER: Collects debris from combustion make up air, potentially extending time between burner and heat exchanger cleanings.

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