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Grundfos Introduces the Hydro MPC CME

Updated: 20 hours ago

Grundfos Hydro MPC is a packaged pumping system designed to simplify and optimize pumping no matter the application. Grundfos Hydro MPC pump systems can be used in a wide array of different applications, including pressure boosting, HVAC, municipal water transfer, industrial process, and many others.

The flexible, compact system can be configured with 2-6 pumps, is expandable, and has a small footprint ideal for both new buildings and retrofits. No matter your application, the Hydro MPC makes it easier.

Easier To Use

  • Single source responsibility

  • Single power connection

  • Pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested

  • No on-site assembly

  • No alignment needed

  • Self-optimizing intelligent controls

  • Easy BMS integration

Easier Control

The Grundfos CU 352 controller can evaluate constantly changing building demands and simultaneously monitor the pump’s power, pressure and curve data, giving you the highest level of hydraulic optimization for your system. This cascade control is designed to distribute demand over multiple pumps for wider range, unparalleled efficiency and exceptional performance. 

The CU 352 offers customization and application-optimized software, including built-in redundancy and monitoring settings, data logging capabilities, and efficiency-based pump sequencing.

Easier Installation & Maintenance

The pre-packaged Hydro MPC is ready to go out of the box — just plug and pump. Think about the time you’ll save by eliminating the sourcing of parts, and the work of piping, wiring, grouting, alignment and testing. Plus, maintenance is easy with the newly designed cartridge seal that can be changed in only 15 minutes.

Easier BMS Integration

Field-built systems can require several communication points, and every connection requires an installation charge that affects your bottom line. The Hydro MPC utilizes a CIM / CIU interface with single poll functionality that pings the device once for over 30 points of data. Take advantage of control between pumps and BMS via SCADA, bus protocols like Modbus, Ethernet, BACnet, Profibus or LON capability. Import the pump system interface to your desktop for back-office control.

Easier Data Collectio

Enjoy greater flexibility in how you choose to collect data. Use the built-in sensor technology on the Hydro MPC for easy basic data collection without the need for additional sensors. Choose a redundant primary sensor for extra piece of mind, or use additional sensors for optimized control. Get more accurate control and avoid issues common in power-based only pump control, such as "hunting."

This blog post has been adapted from the product announcement by Grundfos January 24, 2020