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Fulton Releases New Case Study, "Steam To Milk Perfection: Green Field Farms Dairy"

Download the full Case study here

In a new case study released by Fulton, farming and dairy co-op Green Field Farms utilizes a Fulton VMP-100 boiler for their pasteurization process.

" . . . We say the Fulton boiler is the heart of our dairy operation because, without it, we can't do anything . . ."

The boiler was recommended principally due to Fulton's ability to provide it as part of a pre-engineered, pre-piped, single-sourced solution. Green Field Farms was also pleased to find that the VMP-100 system:

  • Fits within a small footprint due to the vertical orientation

  • Generates steam quickly - reportedly faster than competing systems

  • Is excellent in maintaining steam pressure

At Green Field Farms, the Fulton VMP-100 boiler performs a special form of pasteurization called vat pasteurization, which is considered to be a healthier option than regular pasteurization because it uses a lower temperature.

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