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ENERVEX Plume Abatement System (PAS)

ENERVEX Plume Abatement System (PAS)

Now You See it - Now You Don't.

We eliminate the design guesswork, support runaround, and limitations of a traditional, "pieced-together" plume abatement system. The ENERVEX Plume Abatement System (PAS) is the industry's only integrated plume abatement solution for boilers and water heaters with a UL system listing, combining all the products and accessories you'll need to complete a project:

  • Economizer to condense moisture in exhaust

  • Fan-powered Water-to-Air Heat Exchanger to supply heated dilution air

  • Mechanical Draft fan to control draft

  • System Controls

  • PowerStack Chimney System (if needed)

The process of plume abatement is fairly straightforward. There are a number of ways a plume can be eliminated but this is the most effective system.

Flue gas enters a heat exchanger where cold water lowers exhaust temperature, condensing out the moisture so the surplus water can be drained. Ambient air is heated and mixed with the exhaust, which decreases the dew point. The low moisture, diluted flue gas exits the flue to the outside of the building and there will be no visible plume.

The potential presence of a plume is easily predicted by using psychrometric analysis. This type of analysis is also used to design a Plume Abatement System.


  • Fit for most types of buildings, applications or heating appliances

  • Flexible, one-stop design eliminates guesswork

  • Guaranteed fit for all parts & components simplifies design

  • Perfect draft saves fuel, eliminates spillage & carbon emissions

  • Generates water from flue gas

  • Complete system design by ENERVEX


Some obvious benefits of a Plume Abatement System are:

  • Aesthetics - The exhaust plume is made up of water vapor, but a neighbor or a community may perceive it as unwanted, smoke-related or even "dangerous". This may also be annoying and can even negatively affect property values.

  • Safety - A freezing plume can be a safety hazard. It can create ice on sidewalks and driveways. Or icicles can form, break off and cause personal injury when they fall.

  • CommunityConcerns - Concerns regarding visibility can be removed by significantly reducing visible plume.

  • Prevents Heating Down-time - The outdoor part of a venting system can clog up with ice from freezing flue gas condensate. This prevents operation of heating boilers and water heaters, when you need them the most.

  • Prevents Freeze Damage - Vapor moisture collecting on masonry can cause spalling and damage to the building

  • Water Conservation - Water collected can be filtered and re-used to help conserve natural resources. It can be as much as 1/4 Gallon per lbs fuel burned.

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