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Advanced Boiler Aces Bottle Labeling at Adirondack

VSRT-30 Installed on State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Line for Major Beverage Producer

Read the full report here

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Steam to Milk Perfection: 
Green Field Farms Dairy

Boiler provides consistent & dependable process steam to successful dairy start-up

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Mosinee School District:
Teaching in the classroom and in the mechanical room

“We couldn’t get the chilled water supply temperatures low enough to properly cool, until we got the air out of the system.”
Steve Kaiser
Director of Facilities & Grounds


Delta Hotel Toronto

Delta Hotels Toronto is one of the largest, most luxurious hotels in Canada and is rated as one of the most sustainable. Delta commissioned an upgrade of one of their existing pumps to a new Design Envelope
Tango. Energy savings post-installation have proven that the Tango pump was the
right choice.


Protecting Cities From Legionnaires Disease

Legionella bacteria can flourish in cooling towers and spread to humans when expelled water vapor or mist containing the bacteria is inhaled. Each year, as many as 18,000 people are infected with the Legionella bacteria in the United States.


3310 W. Main St. In Houston, TX:
Fireplace Design for Mixed-Use Commercial Office & Events

Despite the tricky fireplace design and in-project changes, Earthcore and ENERVEX were able to help the contractor complete an attractive and efficient mixed-use commercial fireplace design in a timely, professional manner. 


University of Alberta, Secure Stack®

Working with Wesmech Sales Ltd, the Security Chimneys representative in Alberta, Priority Mechanical was able to deliver an engineered solution that added value to the building owner. Wesmech Sales provided support throughout the life cycle of the project, ensuring success for all parties involved.


Cooling Down Campus Costs with Wessels Company

When Purdue University came to the company in need of large heat exchangers to improve its campus chiller plant performance, Wessels was ready to tackle the challenge head-on.


Barnes SITHE Chopper Pump – Porter Medical Center, Middlebury, VT

The Medical Center installed two 4” Sithe chopper pumps in the station in October 2018

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